The innovative injection technology of dosing

We have developed an innovative technology of the formation of breathing gas - injection technology of anesthetic dosing which has been successfully applied in the anesthesia delivery system "Aelita". According to this technology the required concentration of anesthetic agent (sevoflurane, isoflurane, halothane and others) is provided directly by the injection of the required amount of liquid anesthetic into the breathing gas stream.

The physicochemical gas dynamics algorithms which are used in this technology are similar to those used in the design of rocket engines produced by Russian OSC «Konstruktorskoe Buro Khimavtomatiky».

The injector itself is a simple in production device, controlled by digital sensors. Characteristics of its operation and, above all, accuracy of anesthetic dosing is entirely predictable and not dependent on external factors, as opposed to analog vaporizers used in modern anesthesia delivery equipment.

That is why one of great advantages of our technology is that the one and the same injector works with any type of liquid and gaseous anesthetics. Switching between the currently used anesthetic is performed in software. This greatly reduces the cost of anesthesia delivery system "Aelita" to the customer, who do not need to buy expensive vaporizers for each anesthetic type.

Thus, the developed injection dosing technology has allowed creating maybe the world's first digital anesthesia delivery system that does not have analog components and controls.

The unique injection technology of anesthetic dosing provides the lowest consumption of expensive anesthetic during a surgery in the class (anesthesia delivery system "Aelita" indicates the current consumption of liquid anesthetic during a surgery to the nearest tenth of a milliliter). As a result, our innovative injection technology of anesthetic dosing distinguishes anesthesia delivery system "Aelita", emphasizing its innovation, versatility and affordability.

But it is especially important that besides the commercial benefits, because of high accuracy of anesthetic dosing our injection technology minimizes possible damage from applied anesthesia to the patient health and minimizing the likelihood of patient’s postoperative complications.