About the Company

Aelita Ltd. – is a developer and manufacturer of innovative anesthesia and respiratory equipment - formed as a joint venture between KB Medsystem Ltd. and a group of investors, including two venture capital funds of the Russian Venture Company (RVC).

Anekom – is a trademark under which Aelita Ltd. develops and promotes the innovative anesthesia and respiratory equipment.

KB Medsystem Ltd. (primary founder of Aelita Ltd.) is the successor of the medical equipment department of OSC«Konstruktorskoe Buro Khimavtomatiky» (www.kbkha.ru) - the famous Russian space aircraft engine manufacturer.

This medical equipment department of OSC«Konstruktorskoe Buro Khimavtomatiky» (KB Medsystem Ltd. now) was engaged in development of anesthesia and respiratory equipment since 1965. Developed anesthesia and respiratory devices: artificial lung ventilation (ALV) devices, anesthesia delivery systems as well as units and components were produced by enterprises of the former USSR, and have being manufactured by enterprises of Russia and Ukraine. Since 1965 there have been produced thousands of units of anesthesia and respiratory equipment, which has been delivered to medical institutions of the CIS and far abroad.

During the decades of research and development there has been formed an Engineering School of anesthesia and respiratory equipment, the founder of which is the laureate of the Government Prize of the USSR, Dr. Smolyarov Boris. Up today, he has been continues to develop and introduce new technologies in life, which are successfully implemented in the products under the brand «»Anekom».

Some achievements of the Engineering School are:

  • 1968 Winner of the World Exhibition EXPO-68 (Montreal, Canada)

  • 1973 The world's first device to the auxiliary ALV in the orbital space station (in the spacecraft "Soyuz-10").

  • 1976 The USSR's first serial ALV device of a compact class with the electric drive.

  • 1982 The USSR's first ALV devicewith heat sterilization breathing circuit without disassembling.

  • 1985 The USSR's first anesthesia delivery with electronically controlled vaporizer.

  • 2002 State Prize of Ukraine for assistance in developing and organizing the production of modern ALV devicesin Ukraine.

  • 2005 Russia’s first anesthesia and breathing apparatus for xenon anesthesia.

Thus, the scientific and engineering school of anesthesia and respiratory equipment, on the basis of which Aelita Ltd. was created, is one of the oldest and famous.

A key feature of this School is the borrowing and use of the rich knowledge and experience of space rocket engine R&D and production, because OSK «Konstruktorskoe Buro Khimavtomatiky», (on the basis of which the School was created) is a leading Russian aircraft engine developer and manufacturer. Thus, in Aelita Ltd. flagship product - anesthesia delivery system "AELITA" it is implemented the innovative injection technology of anesthetic dosing, which is based on the physical and chemical gas dynamics algorithms, similar to those used in the design of space rocket engines. This innovative injection technology makes anesthesia delivery system "AELITA" unique and demanded on the market.

Keeping the scientific and technical traditions of the Soviet Union and Russian schools, Anekom implements modern approaches in marketing and production of medical devices and suggests broad cooperation and the use of the world's best technical solutions and components. All this allows us to be flexible to the needs of the market and quickly brought into life essential innovative solutions.


Our mission is to make the most advanced designs and global practices in the field of anesthesia and respiratory equipment available for a wide range of consumers in the world.